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- We want to cater to the talent of the youth...let them explore the opportunities of self expression all while making a positive statement
                                                         - J.C.O Sabotie
  Founded in 1991, Falcon Quest Records started as an idea from visionary J.C.O Sabotie. He wanted to give the youth at the time a way to get their voices heard all while getting a positive message and statement to the masses. Inspired by his nephews, he decided to start an independent record label. Co-Founded with his brother, J.C.O. Sabotie started Falcon Quest Records with the dream of helping the youth push their musical talent, inspiration and creativity to the next level
  At the time J.C.O Sabotie was a radio talk show host ( Bell and Chime Talent Scouts) at an up and coming station in Newark, N.J. Being in the heart of the city, he kept his ear to the ground for local talent. He even had a a segment called Pump It or Dump It, that promoted local talent on air and had callers decide if the local talent was worthy of the radio airplay. This format has been adopted by big name radio stations and even TV shows, but Sabotie was one of the first to incorporate the idea.
 Sabotie keeps to his positive demeanor, even with his artist. All genres of music are acceptable in his studio, but he stays clear of music offensive to women,  violence, and derogatory language.
 - Anything that's derogatory or offensive, I don't deal with...there is not enough positive talent being portrayed in the music culture....i want to usher in the idea that you don't have to have this kind of language, behavior or attitude to make good music....





- To push the Falcon name to the forefront of the music industry

- To showcase local talent in a positive and productive light

- To give the youth a positive voice

- To teach the business of music, labels, contracts and even recording to the youth


Current Projects


 G.L.O.C NAH (Glorifying Lyrics On Contact)






 - Yahweh Reaches Out



- Looking to add new artist to the label, and push the positive lyrics, melodies, and beats.


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